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I. Divertimento
II. Appassionato
III. El Camino
IV. Joyful

Level: advanced
Duration: 23 min.

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Program Note

Double Concerto for Marimba, Timpani and Orchestra by Ney Rosauro
This concerto was commissioned by the Fondazione Haydn di Trento e Bolzano and written in Miami, USA from January to March 2017. It has four movements and runs about 25 mins.

It is written with the intention of exploring the rich combination of the two solo instruments playing lyrical melodies and captivating rhythms. The lighter orchestration helps to give more clarity and exposure to the marimba and timpani parts.

The marimba part requires a five-octave instrument and explores many modern four-mallet techniques. The timpani part is especially challenging because the timpanist plays many melodies (unusual for the instrument in the orchestral setting), requiring a very demanding use of the tuning pedals.

Mov. 1 – Divertimento: The adagio introduction presents the main theme of the concerto which returns throughout the entire piece. The theme from the allegro section explores the Lydian and the Mixolydian modes, scales which are characteristic of the music from Northeastern Brazil. The dialogue and counterpoint of the two soloists are the main features of this movement.

Mov. 2 – Appassionato: The movement’s name depicts the passionate mood of the sad melody from the main theme, initially presented by the English horn and later by the marimba. The timpani carry the second theme. The string accompaniment is an independent and lyrical melodic line.

Mov. 3 – El Camino: These melodies were flowing in my mind constantly as I walked the Saint James Way El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain recently. The distant melody developed in fugato depicts the long, introspective walk and mystical atmosphere of this unique experience through El Camino.

Mov. 4 – Joyful: After a bridge performed only by the marimba and timpani, the radiant theme of this movement is followed by several variations which explore the virtuosity of the soloists. After the main cadenza the movement’s theme, and theme from the introduction, are repeated. The concerto closes in a lively mood full of energy.

The Percussion Ensemble version is dedicated to Ivan Mancinelli (marimba) and Domenico Cagnacci.



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