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Ney Rosauro


A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ney Rosauro is considered one of the most important composers for percussion of the 20th century.

In 2023 he was inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Percussive Arts Society.

With his unique style of writing, which combines charming melodies with catchy rhythms, Rosauro utilizes the rich elements of Brazilian folklore to create stylized compositions that are full of life and fantasy, and has been enchanting audiences all over the world.

His 100-plus compositions and method books are standards in the percussion repertoire.  Rosauro’s first marimba concerto is arguably the most popular percussion concerto and has been performed thousands of times by distinguished orchestras worldwide.

His 11 CDs have been hailed by critics, percussionists, and general music-lovers alike.

Ney has given solo recitals and appeared as a soloist with orchestras in more than 45 countries, and has presented workshops/residencies at some of the world’s most prestigious conservatories and universities.


Dr. Rosauro was Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Miami (2000-2009) and headed the Percussion Department at the Federal University of Santa Maria, RS in Brazil (1987-2000). He was also percussion instructor at the Escola de Musica de Brasilia, and timpanist with the Orquestra do Teatro Nacional de Brasilia in Brazil (1975-1987).

He received his DMA from the University of Miami, his Master’s degree from the Hochschule für Musik Würzburg, Germany, and his Bachelor Degree in Compositionn and Conducting from the Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil.

Ney Rosauro is a Yamaha, Sabian and Contemporanea artist, playing exclusively with NR mallets and sticks by Vic Firth, and his works are available through ProPercussaoBrasil (distributed worldwide by MalletWorks Music). 

– Quotes –

– High quality contemporary music……. (CD Brazilian Fantasy, 2017)

Magazine Das Orchester (Germany)

” In all three concerts the main features of Rosauro’s poetics stand out: freshness and melodic generosity, rhythmic dynamism,and also a polyphonic complexity and a formal clarity that recall neoclassicism and baroque music.
The ability to make these different elements interact with each other and keep them in an admirable balance is the secret of the compositions of the Brazilian author….
CD Double Concerto (Stradivarius, Italy 2020)

Kathodic Website (Italy)

Standing ovation and a special encore……virtuosity without limit, expression and musical quality that we seldom are able to listen.

Magazine TV Show, Montevideo Uruguay

Ney Rosauro’s compositional skills simply charm and seduce us. He did it in his immensely popular Marimba Concerto, and now again in his new Vibraphone Concerto. This piece is sure to be a winner with performers and audiences alike world-wide.

EVELYN GLENNIE – international artist

This is an excellent recording of works for Marimba by Brazilian composer / percussionist Ney Rosauro. The playing is excellent as well as exciting […][…] the use of Brazilian rhythms and popular roots makes a very enjoyable listening experience. – Most highly recommended. (LP Marimba Brasileira)

PERCUSSIVE NOTES – magazine from the Percussive Arts Society

The Concerto for Marimba and Strings by Rosauro showed off not only his abilities as a marimbist but also his skills as a composer and arranger … the pieces were difficult, but the technical skills displayed by Rosauro, not only made it look easy but enjoyable as well.


Ney Rosauro showed why his name is solidly established in the world of mallets. He presented a virtuosic performance of his Marimba Concerto N.2, music rich with description and images.

EL DIA – Córdoba, Spain

[…] the Concerto for Marimba and Strings from Ney Rosauro was the highest moment from the concert. The piece itself and Rosauro’s performance won the night and were enthusiastically applauded by the audience, not only for its originality but also for the artistic value of the work itself. The composer created a strong and cohesive work with an increasing development.

ZERO HORA – Porto Alegre, Brazil

[…] He enchanted with magic sounds never heard before.

MAIN POST – Germany

This landmark CD performance of three Ney Rosauro’s percussion concerti is an outstanding reference recording for a definitive performance interpretation of his music…

Review of CD: Concerti for Solo Percussion and Wind Ensemble.


[…] very impressive was the perfect hand coordination and control of the mallets. A very gratifying concert.


– Articles –

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Crossing Grip Extensions, by Ney Rosauro

Yamaha Educator Series

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Percussive Notes

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Modern Drummer Brazil 2016. Entrevista com Ney Rosauro (in portuguese)

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SUITE BRASIL 500. Un Estudio Performativo Historico y Cultural

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GUIA MUSICAL BRASILIA, Entrevista com N.R. e suas experiencias como pioneiro em Brasilia


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Ney Rosauro DMA Dissertation (1992)

Ney Rosauro's Two Concerti For Marimba and Orchestra

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A Look at Ney Rosauro's Educational Series for Percussion

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Ney Rosauro Concerto Nº1 per Marimba e Orchestra Dinamica di un'analisi

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Concerto Nº 1 para Marimba e Rapsódia para Solo de Percussão de Ney Rosauro

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André Rocha, Portugal

Ney Rosauro’s Video Lessons on the Extended Cross Grip 

Click below to a YouTube playlist with all Vic Firth / Ney Rosauro’s Video Lessons on the Extended Cross Grip 
Ney Rosauro’s Video Lessons on the Extended Cross Grip 
Click below to a YouTube playlist with all Vic Firth / Ney Rosauro’s Video Lessons on the Extended Cross Grip 

Ney Rosauro Vic Firth Signature Mallets

Ney designed this special series of marimba and vibraphone mallets to reflect the sound he desired for his award winning compositions.

All of the models feature rattan shafts and rubber cores coupled with special yarn and cord choices. This assures the player a pure and natural sound that projects the full capabilities of the instrument. Unique to this series are two “hybrid” models designed to cross over between marimba, vibraphone and xylophone.

Learn more about the Ney Rosauro Mallets at VicFirth.com

Image and text courtesy of Vic Firth.