– EZ-Rent: 1. Select the Desired Work for Rental –

Thank you for your interest in renting Ney Rosauro’s music. The EZ-Rent system allows you to retrieve the music for rental for a single performance by filling out the form below and selecting the desired work. This new rental system will allow us to deliver digital materials, watermarked with your name/license information to you. If you have any questions/suggestions, please e-mail us at propercussaobrasil@gmail.com.

Please select the work you require for rental in PDF from the list below, and proceed to cart to make the payment for your rental. The materials (performance score and parts) will be delivered to you in PDF format via e-mail to the address provided on checkout. You will have a total of 5 downloads available for the materials before the download links expire. You will also have 30 days to download your materials to your computer before the download links expire. Should your links expire or you reach your total downloads, please please e-mail us at propercussaobrasil@gmail.com.

* Select the Ensemble Option to see the price of the rental license. We offer discounted prices for student and semi-professional orchestras.

Please note that for all options the music is exactly the same and there is no difference in the performance difficulty of the music.