SERENATA A DUE for Marimba, Vibraphone (2 players) and String Orchestra

All material available in PDF

I. Doubt and Dialogue
II. Song from Heaven
III. The Long Journey
IV. Finale

A gorgeous and challenging new work for 2 soloist and orchestra.
A perfect balance between virtuosity, lyricism and musicality.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 23 mins.

Marimba and Vibraphone and String Orchestra (two soloists)
Score and parts for sale in PDF format

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Program Note

SERENATA A DUE for Vibraphone, Marimba and String Orchestra by Ney Rosauro.

Program Notes

I) DOUBT AND DIALOGUE – After an energetic introduction, the presentation of the main theme reflects men’s constant struggle for life. This theme is full of tension, using independent rhythms and suspended harmonies. In the second part of this theme the tension is resolved and a lyric melody appears that suggests a peaceful resolution to the struggle. This theme is used as a cyclical motive and reappears throughout the entire piece. Dialogues between the vibraphone and marimba, and later through the string instruments, are used in the development. After the recapitulation of the themes, the movement concludes with the same material from the introduction.

II) SONG FROM HEAVEN This movement begins and finishes with themes from the Brazilian Catholic church (In Heaven and Little Heavenly Mother). A passionate, yet sad melody is developed and slowly picks up speed suggesting a person’s will to continue living contrasted with the pain of losing a loved one.

III) THE LONG JOURNEY – This movement is a celebration of life and a time to be thankful for the good things we have achieved. The theme is presented in a happy atmosphere and the cyclical motive from mvmt. 1 reappears. At the cadenza, the soloists perform a dialogue consisting of parts of previous themes. After a recapitulation of the main themes, the movement ends with the same material from the introduction.

IV) FINALE Variations over the cyclical motive are used in a meditative and introspective mood. The sound of the vibraphone and the marimba, played with a contrabass bow, depicts the last breaths of a dying person.

Dedicated to Roland Haerdtner..


SERENATA A DUE for Marimba, Vibraphone (2 players) and String Orchestra


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