A SONG (Cobalt Blue) for marimba and soprano (in pdf)

Opus #51

With lyrics by Keiko Abe.

This lyrical and mystical song for Marimba and Voice (soprano)

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 5’30”

Setup: Soprano and Marimba (5 octaves)

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Program Note

From previous contact with marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe I discovered a beautiful poem from her that described a journey to a world of cobalt blues. I was touched by this text and start singing a melody that was in one point related to a blue note. Keiko suggested that the use a soprano voice to sing this melody and the result was this beautiful song for marimba and voice. The music was written in Florianopolis, Brazil (where the ocean meets the sky) and it reflects well this world of cobalt blues that Keiko described on her text.

A SONG (Cobalt Blue) for marimba and soprano (in pdf)