VALENCIA (for 8 to 12/more players)

Opus #33-2

A very exciting and uplifting piece in a Spanish mood. An optional open chorus for marimba and vibraphone is possible. Spanish instruments including cajon, castanets and hand clapping are also used by the players.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 6 min.

Setup: Percussion Ensemble (8-12/more players)

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  • NEW – Important UPGRADE on the Percussion parts
    If you have an older version of Valencia PE you should click below to download a new revised Percussion Part for the Palmas, Castanets and Cajon.
    Palmas Cast Cajon.pdf.

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Program Note

In the year 2001 I did a tour through Taiwan sponsored by the Ju Percussion Group. During a concert there I divided the stage with the Amores Percussion Trio from Spain. For this occasion I decided to write a piece in the Spanish-Flamenco mood, so that I could perform it together with Amores during the concerts we would play together in Taiwan. Valencia reflects my impression from Spain and in particular the state of Valencia that I have visited several times.

Audio Sample

Ney Rosauro, Arthur Lipner and the Univ. of Miami Percussion Ensemble

Performed by CATATUMBO Perc. Ensemble from Venezuela

VALENCIA (for 8 to 12/more players)


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