TOCCATA AND DIVERTIMENTO, for vibraphone and guitar (or marimba)

Opus #32

Captivating pieces in the Brazilian style in which the instruments dialogue throughout the piece. The first movement is a sad ballad and the second is a lively Brazilian baiao.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 8’30”

Setup: Duo, Vibraphone and Guitar or Vibraphone and Marimba.

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Program Note

In Northeastern Brazil there is a kind of musical game where two people begin singing and making rhymes, and challenge each other to create a better story on a given theme. This musical genre/game is called “desafio”. Toccata and Divertimento is based on the mood and melodies found on the desafio and as such, the two instruments will dialog, sometimes imitating, and sometimes challenging each other. The themes and the rhythm of the piece are based on modal melodies from the baiao, a very popular dance from Northeastern Brazil.

Performed by Guilherme Misina (vibes) and Tatiana Kurenchakova (guitar)

Video with Miguel Angel Orero

TOCCATA AND DIVERTIMENTO, for vibraphone and guitar (or marimba)


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