– This Song Book N.1 contains short pieces and etudes based on themes from my main concerti with orchestra and other works.
– Although written for Solo Vibraphone (beginning to advanced) they can also be performed on marimba or piano.
– All pieces come with chord symbols making it easier to understand the harmonic concepts and the chords that I use.

– See all titles below:

Level: Easy to Intermediate (Advanced)

Duration: 16 pieces (2 – 5 mins. each )

Available in Hard copy and PDF

Setup: Vibraphone, 4 mallets. (also marimba and piano)

Program Note

   “ NEY ROSAURO SONG BOOK” FOR VIBRAPHONE (VOLUME 1)                                       

 – Acalanto (Lullaby) (EZversion) (from Concerto N.1 for Vibraphone)
– Brasilia (from “Overture” for Orchestra)                                                     
– A Dream
(from Concerto N.2 for Vibraphone)
Aria (from Timpani Concerto)
– Appassionato (from Double Concerto for Marimba and Timpani)
– Europa Terra Mãe (from Brasil 500)
– Interlude (from Interlude and Choro)
– In Heaven (from Serenata for Vibraphone and Marimba)
– Minor Blues (From Vibes Etudes and Songs)
– Prelude (from Prelude and Blues)
– Reflections and Dreams (from Concerto N.2 for Marimba)
– Tema de Andrea (from Andrea and the Wolf)
– Yamagushi’s Song (from Sounds Below the Mountain)
– Canção Da Despedida (My Dear Friend with lyrics)
Valsa da Amizade ( with lyrics)                                                                   



ACALANTO: Performed by Gustavo Miranda.

BRASILIA: Performed by Jose Antonio Moreno

A DREAM performed by Guilherme Misina

ARIA: Performed by Anderson Clayton

APPASSIONATO performed by Miguel Faria

EUROPA TERRA MAE: Performed by Ricardo Bovo

INTERLUDE: Performed by Leonardo Gorosito

IN HEAVEN: Performed by Burkhard Roggenbuck

MINOR BLUES: Performed by Roman Wagner

PRELUDE: Performed by Douglas Gutjahr

REFLECTIONS AND DREAMS: Performed by Aquim Sacramento

TEMA DE ANDREA: Performed by Livia Martins

YAMAGUSHI’S SONG : Performed by Andre F.M.

VALSA DA AMIZADE: Performed by Isa and Luiz Martins.



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