MITOS BRASILEIROS, 5 movs. for percussion quartet

Opus #14 – Brazilian Myths (5 movs)


The five movements depict different mythological beings from Brazilian folklore. Several unusual instruments are used to give each movement a special color, and a slightly theatrical approach is required at some points. A work full of humorous surprises and exotic moments which will enchant any audience.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 17 min.

Setup: Percussion quartet including several percussion instruments and mallets

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Program Note

I) CURUPIRA. One of the most popular and fantastic inhabitants of the Brazilian jungle, represented by a dwarf with red hair and inverted feet, having his toes behind him.
II) IARA. A kind of Brazilian mermaid.
III) SACI PERERE. Resembles a black dwarf with just one leg, who wears a long funnel shaped red cap and a has large pipe in his mouth. He is very intelligent and amuses himself by playing jokes on humans and animals in the forest.
IV) UIRAPURU. The wonder of the forests and protector of the birds. When it sings, all birds, animals and humans are magically attracted by the beauty of its melody.
V) MULA SEM CABECA. is best described as a headless horse, the form that the priest’s lover takes during a Friday night full moon full moon. The sounds of her gallop and the shouts of the priest can be heard during the movement.

All 5 movs. performed by MARTELO PERCUSSION GROUP.


Audio Sample

MITOS BRASILEIROS, 5 movs. for percussion quartet


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