FRED NO FREVO, for mallet quartet w. opt. perc.

Opus #18

Frevo is the name of the carnival music found in Northeastern Brazil, with a happy and march like rhythm. In this uplifting piece, xylophone and vibraphone may be used if four marimbas are unavailable. An ideal piece with which to close a program, or as an encore.
The Mar.1 part can be performed on a xylophone. B.mar. plus mar.2 parts could be performed on the same marimba.
The percussion/drumset part can be performed by several players.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4’30”

Setup: Marimba (or mallet) quartet, with optional percussion

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Program Note

Frevo is the carnival music from Northeastern Brazil. This frantic dance is traditionally played in the streets by brass and percussion instruments. The passo is the name of the art of dancing the frevo, which combines strength, energy and grace. The Portuguese title, “Fred no Frevo,” translates to “Fred dancing the Frevo”.

This piece was written in 1992 and is dedicated to Fred Wickstrom and his ensemble, Merged Marimbas, at the University of Miami.

Performed by TACAP Percussão, from Brazil.

FRED NO FREVO, for mallet quartet w. opt. perc.


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