Complete Method for Snare Drum (Hard Copy version)

  • The 4 volumes can be downloaded for free at the “FREE MUSIC” section of the “WORKS” menu.
  • A refreshing and comprehensive new approach to teach snare drum in a step by step basis that focuses on the development of both hands with equal emphasis. It also presents a complete overview of the rhythmic and musical aspects of the instrument. Featuring:

? Two volumes with four progressive levels of difficulty

? Over 250 exercises and solos divided into three parts:?I) Daily Exercises,?II) Progressive Studies, III) Duets

??Texts in English and Portuguese

?This book with its unique approach of emphasizing both hands is a highly worthy addition to drummer?s libraries. It has something for drummers of all levels.? (Modern Drummer Magazine)

Volume 1 (Levels 1 and 2): Single stroke, simultaneous stroke, alternating strokes, accents, combinations and odd groups.

Volume 2 (Levels 3 and 4): Double strokes, Flams, drags, four and five-stroke drags, open and symphonic roll.

Available in:?Hard copy (available also in PDF / see next title)
Available also in PDF (see title above at the “Works” list / Metodo Completo Para Caixa Clara)

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Complete Method for Snare Drum (Hard Copy version)

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