BRAZILIAN FANTASY for 2 marimbas

Opus #36

BRAZILIAN FANTASY (BACH IN BRAZIL) is a unique piece for 2 marimbas (or 2 marimbas with string orchestra) depicts the happy and light atmosphere of Brazilian music. It has some themes from Brazilian folklore, from Bach and also from Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes, as well as original music.

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BRAZILIAN FANTASY (for 2 marimbas and Orchestra)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 11 min.

Setup: 2 low C marimbas or 1 low C and one low A marimba.

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Program Note

To better understand the fantasy concept in this piece, two things must be explained. Firstly, Brazil is a very musical country and it is common for a visitor to find people playing music on the streets, and anyone is welcome to join the music and enjoy the moment. Secondly, I often found that in Brazilian music, some melodic aspects have similarity with the music of J.S. Bach. With these two thoughts in mind I imagined what would have resulted if Bach were to have traveled to Brazil and made music with Brazilian composers, such as Villa Lobos, Carlos Gomes or other folk composers. Brazilian Fantasy is my view of such a possible meeting where these composers would be playing a Brazilian baiao with a Bach influence.

The first theme used in the piece comes from Brazilian folklore and was also used by Villa Lobos in his Bachianas Brasileiras No.4. The second theme is from the overture to the most famous Brazilian opera, The Guarani from Carlos Gomes. The main theme is from my own composition for solo vibraphone, Brazilian Landscape and variations are developed until the piece reaches its climax. The second part begins with a theme from J.S. Bach, and a recapitulation of the main themes is presented prior to a slow coda.

This piece (in its two versions) is dedicated to marimba virtuoso and a good friend of mine Katarzyna Mycka.

Brazilian Fantasy 2 Marimbas performed by Joao Catalao and N.Rosauro

BRAZILIAN FANTASY for 2 marimbas


Two Marimbas

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