5 CIRANDAS BRASILEIRAS, for vibes and marimba.

Opus #22

This charming set of pieces is based on Brazilian children’s songs. Each piece has its own character and offers an overview of the rich folkloric music of Brazil.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 9-10 mins.

Setup: Duo Vibraphone and Marimba 4 mallets

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Program Note

Ciranda is the name given to Brazilian folk songs sung by children in the streets. These pieces are written in two parts, one of them an original composition, and the other is a ciranda. The English translations for the titles are as follows:

1) Samba-lele Alessandra dancing samba
2) Nesta Rua tem um Bosque In this street that is a forest
3) Atirei o Pau no Gato I throw a piece of wood at the cat
4) Todo Mundo Passa Everybody passes
5) Pai Francisco Father Francis

Performed by Livia Martins (vibes) and Eliana Sulpicio (marimba).Video by Anderson Matos


Performed by Dani Markham and Simon G. Gallego
Version with Marimba and Trumpet.
Douglas Gutjahr (marimba) and Tiago Linck (trumpet)


5 CIRANDAS BRASILEIRAS, for vibes and marimba.


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