VARIATIONS OVER EVELYN GLENNIE “A Little Prayer” for marimba

Opus #30

This charming set of eight contrasting variations uses South American rhythms and explores many important technical aspects of modern four-mallet technique. A delight for performer and audience alike.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 13 mins.

Setup: Solo Marimba (5-octave), 4 mallets.

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Program Note

In 1999 I spent a week in Grosnjan, Croatia with Evelyn and other percussionists during a summer camp. During that time I began, in fun, to improvise on the marimba and showed Evelyn some interesting ideas for variations on her chorale, A Little Prayer. A Little Prayer is a slow chorale in a quasi requiem style, so I started making lively variations using many different rhythms and styles to create contrasting atmospheres. Every variation is in a different style and makes use of popular rhythms from South America. Baiao, Guarania, Tango, Maracatu and Valse are among the rhythms used in the composition. Later I transcribed these variations and dedicated the piece to my good friend, Katarzyna “Kaska” Mycka.

VARIATIONS OVER EVELYN GLENNIE “A Little Prayer” for marimba



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