THREE MOODS, for steel pan solo or marimba 2 mallets

Opus #27

I) Baroque
II) Meditative
III) Impatient

Three contrasting pieces with beautiful melodies and challenging passages for two mallets.
A unique solo piece for steel pan (lead or double)

As a 2 mallet marimba piece it is a great piece for auditions and student concerts as well.

Level: Beginner

Duration: 9 – 10 mins.

Setup: Solo Marimba, 2 mallets, or Steel Pan.

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Program Note

Originally written for solo steel pan (lead), these pieces are also suitable for two mallet marimba. The first movement, Baroque, is a fugue like movement with some jazz flavor. The second movement, Meditative, is based on minimalist music and has a romantic melody that comes out of the repetitive patterns. The third movement, Impatient, is technically challenging, requiring double strokes in both hands.

Audio Sample

Performed by Miguel Faria.

All 3 movs



THREE MOODS, for steel pan solo or marimba 2 mallets



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