SUITE POPULAR BRASILEIRA (Brazilian Popular Suite) for marimba

Opus #6.1

I) Baiao
II) Xote
III) Caboclinho
IV) Maracatu

This collection of four Brazilian dances makes excellent practice for octaves and one handed rolls in the right hand. The music is fun and introduces some of the most popular Brazilian rhythms. It is excellent for any kind of recital.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: Each movement about 2’30” – 3 min.

Setup: Solo Marimba, 4 mallets

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Program Note

This collection of Brazilian dances was written between 1980 and 1982, and these are the first marimba pieces I composed. The work is originally written for solo marimba and was later arranged for percussion ensemble (7-9 players), extending the movements with some written improvisation.

I) BAIÃO – Based on mixolydian and lydian modes, the baiao is a very popular and joyful dance from Northeastern Brazil. It is often played at parties called forro (for all). The main instruments in a traditional baiao ensemble include accordion, zabumba (a bass drum-like instrument) and triangle.

II) XOTE – Originally from Portugal, the xote has numerous variations in Brazil. This version has a Northeastern groove with a slight reggae feeling.

III) CABOCLINHO – One of the few dances originating with the native Brazilian Indians, the melodies are based on the pentatonic scale, and unlike most Brazilian rhythms, it has a strong down-beat feel.

IV) MARACATU – One of the most syncopated and beautiful Brazilian rhythms, maracatu comes from the state of Pernambuco in Northeastern Brazil, and is played in a colorful parade by drummers, singers and dancers during carnival time.

Suite Popular Brasilieira by Gustavo Miranda.
I. Baião – II. Xote (2:36) – III. Caboclinho (4:30) – IV. Maracatu (6:20)

Audio Sample

SUITE POPULAR BRASILEIRA (Brazilian Popular Suite) for marimba