SONATA PERIODS FOF LIFE, for vibes and marimba (1 player)

Opus #9

In 4 movements:

I) Dawn (mar.and vib.)
II) Children’s Game (mar.only)
III) Chant (Lied) (vib.only)
IV) Rondo (mar.and vib.)

A favorite piece for graduation recitals.
The four movements depict different stages of a person’s life. The first and last movement are to be played on marimba and vibraphone at the same time. The second movement is for solo vibraphone and the third is for solo marimba.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 11 mins.

Setup: Vibraphone and Marimba (1 player) 4 mallets

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Program Note

The sonata was written in 1985 in Brasilia and is dedicated to the composer’s son, Gabriel. The first edition was published in Germany. The four movements (Dawn, Children’s Game, Chant (Lied) and Rondo) represent different periods of a person’s life. In the first and last movements, the soloist plays marimba and vibraphone simultaneously. The second movement is a joyful baiao for solo marimba, and the third movement is for solo vibraphone.

Mov.3 LIED performed by Simon Gomez Gallego


Audio Samples
Movements I and II

Movement IV


SONATA PERIODS FOF LIFE, for vibes and marimba (1 player)


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