CENAS AMERINDIAS: I) Brasiliana, II) Eldorado

Opus #13

I) BRASILIANA (marimba, 5 temple blocks, 3 wood blocks and wood chimes).
II) ELDORADO (vibraphone, 4 susp.cymbals, cow bell, triangle and 1 crotale).

Based on themes from South American Indians, these pieces offer the soloist an opportunity to make great music using just a few instruments. Although the instrumentation differs between the two parts, Brasiliana and Eldorado share a common harmonic and melodic basis.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 9’30”

Setup: Solo Percussion 4 mallets

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Program Note

Written between 1986 and 1987 in Brasilia, these two pieces are based on the rhythms and melodies of the native Indians of South America. The percussion instruments that are used in addition to the mallet instruments, besides adding a rich color, have an important melodic function in constantly dialoging with the principal voice. The use of the whole tone scale, augmented chords and melodies played in intervals of seconds and sevenths are some of the common features shared between the movements.

I) BRASILIANA for marimba and wooden instruments is written in homage to the city of Brasilia. Its sad melody evokes the memory of the dry and solitary high planes (planalto) where the city is located. This composition has a very symmetrical structure that is directly related to the strong geometric shapes on which the city was constructed.

II) ELDORADO for vibraphone and metal instruments is constructed in three contrasting sections (samba, afro, lament) that represent the adventures and dreams associated with the search for the magical golden land.

BRASILIANA performed by Rodrigo Kanamori


Eldorado – performed by Jose Antonio Moreno



CENAS AMERINDIAS: I) Brasiliana, II) Eldorado



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