SEVEN BRAZILIAN CHILDREN SONGS (beginning marimba 4 mallets)

Opus #28

Based on melodies and rhythms from the Brazilian folklore, these beautiful pieces are ideal not only for the development of basic four-mallet technique, but also the musicality of the performer. They can be performed individually or as a suite.

Level: Beginner

Duration: Approx. 1’30” (3′ each)

Setup: Solo Marimba, 4 mallets.

Available in: Hard copy and PDF

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Program Note

This collection of easy four-mallet pieces was written between 1996 and 1997. The purpose of these pieces is the development of the technical and melodic aspects of four-mallet technique as well as the presentation of some of the melodies and rhythms from Brazilian Folklore. The pieces are written in two parts, one of them an original composition, and the other is a ciranda (the name given to a Brazilian folk tune sung by children in the streets). The titles are bit nonsensical even in Portuguese. The English translations are as follows:

1) A Canoa Virou – The Boat is Sunk

2) Ciranda Cirandinha – Big Ciranda, Small Ciranda

3) Pirulito que Bate Bate – Lollypop that Strikes, Strikes

4) Terezinha de Jesus – Theresa of Jesus

5) O Cravo Brigou com a Rosa – The Clove had a Fight with the Rose

6) A Moda da tal Anquinha – The Dance of Moving Hips

7) Vamos Maninha – Let’s Go Little Sister

Children Song N.6 performed Pamela Simoes.

Children Song N.7
Performed by Keli Schmidt

SEVEN BRAZILIAN CHILDREN SONGS (beginning marimba 4 mallets)



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