TWO PIECES for Marimba and any other instrument

Opus #39

This piece is scored for marimba and any other melodic instrument making possible to be performed with flute, violin, cello, bassoon or any other instrument in treble or bass clef. Besides the solo marimba part the material comes with the 3 other solo parts, one for treble clef, one for bass clef and one for Bb instruments. Some arrangements and transpositions may be necessary to fit each specific instrument.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Setup: Marimba and any other melodic instrument

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Program Note

The first movement “Farewell Song, comes from one of my vibraphone solos called “My Dear Friend”. It is a sad song written as a last farewell for my friend Jose Pedro Boessio.
The second movement “Reunion’s Dance” is a lively Baião, one of the most popular rhythms from Northeastern Brazil. The constant dialog between the soloists gives excitement to the music and the melodies in the Mixolydian mode bring the proper mood of the Brazilian music.

Audio Sample


Video by Claudia Pereira and Frank Dentresangle

TWO PIECES for Marimba and any other instrument